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CyberPsy (SiberSi) is Global Non Governmental Organization to empower, educate, motivate and mentor from children, Youth to professionals on Cyber Psychology, Cyber Security & Cyber Law. 

Cyber Security awareness is digital security empowerment combined with behaviors that serve to protect our information. Its very important you understand what the risks are and how scams happen, you know how to take preventive measures protect from frauds.

  1. At Personal Level its individual responsibility to safe guard your personal identity information.

  2. At Professional Level its employee responsibility to safe guard Corporate or Organizations Customers data or information .

  3. At National Level its important to protect nation's data for the digital well being of the citizens.

We team of volunteers from universities and corporate provide awareness and guidance to children, students, youth, women and professionals on securing the digital data, mentor ship to get into this field .  We evangelize, share knowledge  real time experience for community that contribute to build the Cyber Security Eco-system. We are focused towards CyberPsychology & CyberLaw.

Our Core and Founding Team members and Chapter leads are experts in Cyber Security . Most of them are global speakers, Authors and Subject Matter Experts (SME)s in Cyber Security.

Our Tagline is to be "digitally secure. As mobile phones has become part of our life, its very important to know what information to expose, how, when,where for the security and privacy reasons. At CyberPsy we make you understand that Security is new normal and how to protect the critical information from digital device.  One cannot be an innocent to protect financial data and bank account information to safeguard from online frauds.


Join our team if your thoughts are inline with our vision and mission.    


Educate on digital hygiene, for people around the globe on threats from hackers , to create the next generation leaders in Cyber Security & Digital Advocacy


To make secure environment by creating awareness on having Cyber security best practices in place.