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We work with the Government and International organizations related to critical data and hacking to help detect security threats and hacking vulnerabilities. Our educational programs and ambassador champions help pro-actively detect digital attacks, safeguard to be digitally secure, prevent from digital infection, solve some of the cyber security problems and also reconstruct incidents happened in the digital era especially during COVID-19 times 

We have done several Awareness Programs, Panel Discussions, Faculty Development Programs on Cyber Crimes from schools, colleges, institutes to corporate across the globe for the benefit of the community.

Our Advocacy helps         

  • To Identify digital frauds

  • To understand the need for digital well-being,

  • How important it’s to be digitally hygiene .

  • Our  Goal is to reach the best practices of digital immunity even for a common human with not much knowledge.

Cyber Security and protecting from Cyber Frauds is all about common sense, at CyberPsy we will help you to safe guard yourself, your org and nation