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With the selfless mission of Social Responsibility & Positive community impact to meet the need of hour - Digital Immune during Covid-19 times we are motivating thousands of people across schools, colleges, women, work-forces and citizens .

Here are some of the few Digital Eco Systems that we designed 

1. 'CyberPsy Kids'  - This program is School Level to empower and motivate boys and girls in schools on the CyberSecurity best practices.

Its evident that more needs to be done in order to protect vulnerable children and adults from online bullying.  We educate parents and teachers on how to educate kids while taking online classes.

2. 'CyberPsy Youth' - This is important age where adults are getting trapped to dating sites or illicit activities which causing mental health issues and need of counseling , We preach what is best and help them to come out of it through our counseling sessions. This is the program specifically targeted for Adults and Youth.

3. 'CyberPsy Campys-Champs'- Our Mentorship programs help students to get into Cyber Security , Auditing , application security , network security, IOT Security, Digital Forensics.

4. 'Professionals' - Our training and mentor ships help in up lifting the careers and reach the passion.

5. 'CyberPsy Queens'- This Program is exclusively designed for women to empower, motivate, educate and get more women into Cyber Security. To bring awareness on Privacy Security Concerns for Women especially in the digital era . We have done multiple talks and campaigns addressing several women from campus to corporate, government colleges in rural areas and villages

Cyber Psychology

Cyber bullying has resulted in tragic events including suicide, depression and self-harm , this is where our expert Cyber Psychologists counsel them to take proactive measures or come out of these .

Risk the Risk before the Risk can Risk you !!!

Cyber Law 

Data Privacy is new normal in Cyber Law, GDPR is the toughest and the best privacy law in the world . Its about understanding various privacy regulations and abiding to the counrty laws. Our global chapter leads and the ambassadors help in understanding the privacy policies and Cyber Laws.